Customized condo

The owners of this 2008 condominium were sold on the unit’s location, amenities, and spacious layout, but over time, they wanted it to reflect their personal style better. They wanted to incorporate select upgrades, add storage and functionality, and bring more character to the space.

Tangletown transformation

Gracious, older homes. Mature maples along winding roads. A close-knit community. Welcome to Minneapolis’ Tangletown neighborhood. Although the owners of this 1910 home loved all the location offered, the home’s choppy layout left much to be desired.

A new family-friendly floorplan

At first glance, this 1976 home, in a long-established St. Paul suburb, seemed to have ample space. But the original floorplan was not workable for this modern-day family.

Suite living on one level

The owner of this 1928 south Minneapolis home wanted to expand her first-floor footprint to incorporate features that would accommodate a one-level lifestyle.

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For over 50 years, The Transformed Tree has turned household dreams into reality. Our award-winning craftsmanship, attention to detail, design/build services, and custom cabinetry consistently set us apart from others.

We specialize in working with urban homes and have a proven record of tackling even the trickiest complications that come with older homes. Whether you live in a classic Bungalow, traditional Tudor, Grand Victorian, Retro Ranch, or something in-between, we’ll create a solution to suit your needs. From fully modernized kitchens, spacious bathroom spas, modest to large additions, or a whole-home remodel, if it’s time to stop dreaming and start transforming, we’ll make it happen.

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